“I started seeing Dr. Richard Lolla for Chiropractic care after experiencing pain in my lower back for about 6 months. The pain became so bad that I was unable to sit, walk or stand properly due to the pain. I had seen 2 different doctors for this problem with little or no relief.

Within the first week of care, I felt a difference! I think Chiropractic care is great. More people should seek out this type of care. Medications only take away the pain, not the problem. I had been taking medication for my headaches for over 3 years. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Chiropractic adjustments took care of that, too! I rarely get a migraine anymore and if I do, I go to Dr. Lolla right away. The adjustment relieves the pain I’m having in my head and neck. I’m so glad I found Dr. Richard Lolla and Lolla Chiropractic Center.”
Pat S.

“I am a diabetic. I was born with diabetes mellitus. I have had numerous problems associated with diabetes including enlarged kidneys. beginnings of retinopathy and have had gangrene in my legs two times. I have taken two to three shots of insulin a day my whole life.

My doctor recently reduced my insulin to ONE shot a day in the morning. I feel this is due to my Chiropractic care. I believe Dr. Richard Lolla and his Chiropractic adjustments help my body make better use of the insulin I take.

Thanks, Doc!”
Sue B.

“HELP! HELP! HELP! Boy did we need help! My son had a sinus infection for 15 consecutive months. He was on and off antibiotics, using nasal spray (until his nasal passages were so raw the he suffered nose bleeds) and prescription decongestants.

Sinus X-rays were ordered. He then received allergy shots weekly. Finally, he came down with pneumonia. After all else failed, I decided to try Chiropractic care with Dr. Richard Lolla.

After only 4 months, he is off all medications and doesn’t receive allergy shots anymore. He feels great and is doing better in school and on his swimming team.

He hasn’t taken ANY medication for 3 months and his back to being a happy, healthy 10 year old boy thanks to Chiropractic care and Dr. Lolla!”
Vincent’s thankful Mom

“I was 8 months pregnant when I began Chiropractic care with Dr. Richard Lolla after experiencing pain in my right hip. It was so severe at times that I had trouble sitting. This went on for a couple of months before I finally gave Chiropractic a try. After only a few weeks of care, I began to feel relief.

Now I FEEL GREAT! I have no pain. And I found an added benefit that I did not expect. I used to get headaches almost every day. Now, I rarely get headaches. I am really glad I chose Chiropractic care with Dr. Lolla!”
Lynn G.

“My name is Michael and I am 12 years old. I have Connective Tissue Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I get respiratory infections four or five times during the Fall and Winter seasons. Since receiving Chiropractic care at Lolla Chiropractic Center, I have not had ONE! Also, my body has more mobility and my joints do not go out as much.”
Michael P.